15 Quirky Facts about Belize


A Small Country with a Lot to Offer

From beautiful beaches to mystical Mayan damages to splendid diving sites– these are just several of the outstanding things that this tiny country can offer to both residents and also vacationers. The laid-back island life likewise contributes to the appeal of this little paradise in Central America.

“When I initially was available in San Pedro, I have already check out a lot of features of Belize. Yet I still obtain stunned everytime. There’s still so much I don’t know,” Scott claimed. Scott was smitten by the island so he determined to acquire a piece of land and constructed a residential or commercial property which he called Mayan Island Resort. It was in the future obtained by Sandy Point Real Estate under Daniel Hartin’s administration as well as transformed its name to Acquafino Island Resort and Spa.

Scott likes seeing the guests enjoy their stay at Acquafino due to the fact that even on a careless day, they can do water tasks right in the convenience of their private villa. They have their own plunge pool plus they can fish right outside their front steps through the built-in fully-stocked waterway system. Just the sort of location every travelers and also capitalists are seeking– it’s one of the very best all-encompassing Caribbean hotels and anideal option for offshore realty investing.

“Our guests at Acquafino love hearing stories regarding Belize specifically the unusual truths that make them want to chuckle,” Scott stated.

  1. Marijuana is legal. Personal or individual belongings of Marijuana is lawful in Belize for up to 10 grams. If utilized in public, also less than 10 grams continue to be prohibited.
  2. They offered the queen a rat. Their popular cooking dish is the “imperial rat” called Gibnut. It was served during Queen Elizabeth’s go to in the country.
  3. They welcome with a thumb. Thumb-locking is their indicator of welcoming in Belize.
  4. They adore black-beauty. Their national flower is a black orchid.
  5. The Mayans forecasted completion of the globe. Yet the world remained even after their whole people has died.
  6. Belize was created via a love-triangle. Belize utilized to be part of Guatemala as well as was additionally colonized by UK. When UK gave liberty to Belize as a country, Guatemala damaged links with both UK as well as Belize.
  7. Belize is Caribbean’s jewel. This charming island is otherwise called “Jewel in the heart of the Caribbean container”.
  8. Belize is the land of Cashew trees. Different varieties of Cashew trees grow in the forests of Belize. Some are edible yet some are dangerous.
  9. Fridays are non-swim day. They have a superstition that anyone that swims during Black Friday will develop into a mermaid.
  10. A magnet for vacationers. For a tiny country, to have over 2 million tourists a year is exceptional.Because Belize has the most effective vacation rentals specifically in Ambergris Caye.
  11. A magnet for Western retired people. It’s a preferred retired life area by the majority of foreign nationals especially those from the UK, Canada, and also the United States. They’re after the easygoing life, great beaches, low cost of living, as well as low taxes.
  12. However there are no fast food chains. Would you want that if you can eat fresh fish, meat, vegetables, and also fruits that continue to be bountiful throughout the year?
  13. Pleased place. Belize has been ranked one of the happiest nations in the world.
  14. Covered by woodlands. The national motto of Belize, “Under the shade I prosper”, was inspired by the cover of woodlands towering the rainforests.
  15. No first-name basis. Wait till you are invited prior to you welcome a Belizean by first name.

Why Ambergris Resorts are Your Leading Selection on Offshore Investing

Belize offshore investing

Ambergris Resorts Becoming Location for Financiers

The Caribbean coastline has attracted not only backpackers and also star travelers yet additionally lots of investor. It’s no wonder why Ambergris Resorts are swiftly becoming a preferred on offshore investing. Ambergris Resorts lie in Ambergris Caye, the biggest island of Belize. Sprawling the coastline of Belize is the Belize Obstacle Reef, the 2nd biggest coral reef system on the planet. It flaunts off its spectacular underwater life and also stunning seaside surroundings, making it a wonderful diving website.

If you haven’t taken into consideration offshore investing, it’s about time to check into this financial investment option more attentively and recognize just how it’s the leading option among several capitalists today. Daniel Hartin, proprietor and also CEO of Sandy Factor Real Estate, located his retirement home in the Caribbean coastline. He’s initially from Australia and has actually functioned Ten Years in Canada yet has actually ultimately cleared up in Belize and never ever looked back. For him, life is fantastic in Belize. The small island is instilled with charms of Old Trick West as well as strong Mexican charm.

But what makes Belize a great financial investment choice?

From having a villa outside of your home country to gaining an easy earnings by renting the building to having tax rewards, the advantages are substantial that they quickly outweigh the disadvantages, if there are any.

Just recently, Daniel presented one of one of the most special private island resorts in Ambergris Caye called Acquafino Island Resort and Health club. It’s a big residential or commercial property located in the village of San Pedro, offering private luxury rental properties with its very own plunge swimming pool as well as an inner waterway system where you can capture fish appropriate outside your front actions. This is the desire vacation home of many. Something that seemed a little bit also ambitious yet, with the right amount of sources and high tolerance for danger, it’s not much from fact.

There are 5 reasons people prefer to spend offshore and why you should, as well.

1. Tax Rewards 

Belize is a tax place, a country that uses tax obligation incentives to international capitalists. They desire outdoors financial investments to fuel their economic task so they offer a shield from high tax obligation worry that you would certainly otherwise incur in your home country.

2. Asset Protection

Despite having a couple of restrictions by your house country, the riches that you spent outside could not be within prompt reach so it’s unlikely that your residence government could take it unless they intend to take care of several difficult cross-country legal treatments.

3. Privacy

There is a stringent regulation on offshore corporate and banking privacy. A foreign real estate financial investment under your name is not reportable except any rental earnings occurring from such home.

4. Diversification of Portfolio

What is so attractive concerning international financial investments is its flexibility. There are limitless chances to get in international markets and also significant economic deals specifically in a creating nation like Belize.

5. Easy Accessibility from Major Cities

Just recently, West Jet has revealed straight trips from Toronto to Belize. Southwest Airlines is likewise mosting likely to add nonstop flight from Denver to Belize in 2017. Getting to Belize just obtained a whole lot easier!

There may be downsides owning a home outside your house nation consisting of lots of paper jobs and high arrangement costs. Yet, like I said earlier, the benefits still exceed the drawbacks. As well as to really get a good idea prior to you let go of your dollars, real estate professionals like Daniel Hartin can aid expand your understanding as well as locate you a good deal.

The 5 Big Jungle Cats of Belize


Felines are King, they can be almost everywhere, make way for them here in Belize!

While it’s typical for most people to find themselves seeing a cat video clip mainly to kill time, it’s not a very popular knowledge that you’ll find not just “cats” however 5 big cats roaming easily through the forests of Belize.

” I always find brand-new info concerning Belize despite the fact that I’ve invested a lot time below. I’ve constantly known about the Jaguars however to understand that there are still 4 others … wow,” states Scott. When Scott acquired a piece of the island to build Mayan Island Resort, he’s certain of just 3 things. He chose to invest in Belize due to low taxes, a wonderful possibility for economic growth mostly coming from tourist, and also the easygoing life while staying at a beachfront home.

Mayan Island Resort is currently called Acquafino Island Resort. It’s currently taken care of by Daniel Hartin under his business, Sandy Point Real Estate. They saw substantial potential in the residential or commercial property which is currently being eyed by numerous Western investors and retired people as a terrific option for offshore real estate investing. Celeb travelers also like the location for getaway service, identifying it as one of the best extensive Caribbean hotels on Ambergris Caye.

” Their first destinations are the beaches, the diving websites, and also the caves. But once they have a word with some locals who advise hiking the forests to see the wild cats of Belize, they ‘d load their equipment and also go on a walk the really following day,” stated Scott.

Below are the 5 big cats that you can see in the forests of Belize.



It is the most prominent big cat in Belize (as well as by the way the name of their national football team). Old Mayans offered remarkable regard to Jaguars whom they called baalam which indicates King. Many of their statuaries were carved photos of a Jaguar, a symbol of Mayan nobility. These cats are nocturnal as well as can be seldom seen during the daytime. To protect this famous pet, Belize has founded Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the initial and also just Jaguar protect in the world.

Mountain Lion


The Mountain Lion is understood for several names– Puma concolor, cougar, panther, as well as catamount. It does not roar like lions do however is more very closely related to tamed home felines. They are the largest felines in Central America with weight reaching up to 200 pounds. These cats are solitary as well as evasive, but go where there is a deer as well as you will certainly for certain see a Mountain Lion. It is their preferred food.



Sightings of these lovely felines prevail considering that they such as searching day and night. Mexicans and also Aztecs called them Ocelotl from which its present name was obtained. It implies field tiger. In Belize, it is called tiger pet cat yet dwarf leopard in other places. It nearly ended up being extinct due to its attractive pelt. But searching for Ocelots has actually been limited in Belize so you’ll most definitely see one when you travel the Belizean jungles.



As a result of its long tail, it’s additionally nicknamed Long Tail Spotted Cat. It’s currently “Near Threatened” so Belize quit the searching of these felines. They are completed and also proficient climbers having special claws and ankle joints that allow them to make a 180-degree turn and leap from tree to tree like a monkey. Well, that’s since they quest apes, their preferred food. They are a little bit tough to spot throughout the day as they are nocturnal like Jaguars.



They are authentically a neighborhood pet cat. They are presumed to mate with residence cats that make a few of them look comparable with Jaguarundi. They are smaller compared to jaguars as well as have an extended body without markings. In the evening, they are seekers. During the day, they are seen crowding around sprinkling locations.

Caribbean Bird Watching on Ambergris Caye


Looking for numerous distinct Caribbean bird species? Look into Belize as well as take advantage!

From the 500+ bird species situateding in the woodlands of Belize, over 200 of them are found in Amber

Out of the 500+ bird varieties snuggling in the forests of Belize, over 200 of them are discovered in Ambergris Caye It has actually developed an exclusive bird sanctuary that supports an incredible selection of birds. The forest lies near the shores of San Pedro where an abundance of hedges and fruiting trees are growing. Towering in the facility is a “individuals perch” where birders could have a possibility to have a superb view of birds atop the trees as well as flowers.

” I’ve always liked birds as well as recognized there are wonderful varieties of birds in the woodlands of Belize yet have actually not realized that I would certainly be owning a private resort in the island as well as be as near them as I can be,” stated Daniel Hartin, proprietor of Sandy Point Real Estate. Along with his family, he began developing a life in Belize after long years of living as well as working in Canada. Ever since he never recalled.

Some of the special birds that live here are yellow-bellied elaenia, black catbird, Yucatan vireo, white-eyed vireo, great Kiskadee, scarlet tanagers, as well as rose-throated becard.

” Birds attract international investors because living here makes them feel they’ve rated back to nature. They such as the melodious song generated by yellow-backed orioles as they take pleasure in coffee time at their balcony,” Daniel better proves. Inning accordance with him, offshore real estate investing in Belize truly gains popularity because of its nature marvels. As well as among them is having the firm of birds in their day-to-day life. Of the properties his firm has created, he advises Acquafino Island Resort and also Spa to be the best for those looking for deluxe and an easygoing way of living at the same time.” It’s certainly worth your hard-earned dollars. You have a sight of the ocean plus you live really near where birds are,” he claimed.

To the bird-lovers, simply listening to a tale about birds could not be enough.

So right here are 10 photos of the very best birds on Ambergris Caye.

  1. Blackbirds

These birds have strong muscle mass. They utilize their expenses to expose the hiding places of insects on which they prey. This is called gaping.

Black Bird1

  1. Yellow-backed Orioles

They are known to be excellent songstress. They produce sweet-sounding tracks as well as are commonly seen setting down on stretching bougainvillea in the community of San Pedro.

Yellow Backed Orioles2

  1. Green-Breasted Mango Hummingbirds

They are big hummingbirds with bent expense. They create a shrill, buzzing song as well as are mainly seen between February to September.

Green-Breasted Mango Hummingbirds3

  1. Scarlet Tanagers

These lovely birds have a blood-red body with strong comparison against their jet-black wings as well as tail. They are likewise singing birds, hitting abundant and also high-pitched notes.


  1. Summer Tanagers

The female Summer Tanagers usually have mustard-yellow to light orange shades. They are typically seen throughout Summer as well as are specialists at capturing bees and also wasps.

Summer Tanagers5

  1. Great Kiskadee

Not difficult to miss out on. They are conveniently noticeable with their yellow belly, black bandit’s mask, as well as streaks of warm auburn wings. They attract attention by incessant kis-ka-dee phone calls and also are great flycatchers.

Great Kiskadee


  1. Black-Headed Saltator

Quickly characterized by their big black costs, the Black-Headed Saltators are known for their loud, scratchy tunes. They are omnivorous as well as usually feed upon fruits, nectars, as well as bugs.

Black headed saltator

  1. Rose-Throated Becard

They are tiny flycatchers with unique pale-rose throat and pale-gray tail. They eat fruits and berries and have short-duration trips.

Rose-Throated Becard

  1. Yellow-Bellied Elaenia

They are rather usual in Belize throughout the year. They are distinguished by their pale-yellow stubborn belly and also brown olive hood as well as wings. These flycatchers are vocalizing regularly.

Yellow-Bellied Elaenia

  1. White-Collared Seedeater

They are understood for their wide clerical as well as black hood. They’re very common in Belize and also in large parts of Central America. They call each other in soft voices.

White-Collared Seedeater


Check out the Great Blue Opening of Belize

Belize Blue Hole

About the Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole belongs to the higher obstacle reef called the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is over 300 meters across as well as about 124 meters deep. It brings in several expert and entertainment scuba diving divers as a result of its amazing aquatic life as well as crystal clear waters. It’s located concerning 43 miles from the mainland, lying close to the facility of the Lighthouse Reef, a small atoll off the shore of San Pedro.

A Natural Phenomenon

The Great Blue Hole was first explored by Jacques Costeau in 1972. He discovered that the sinkhole was developed countless years ago when sea degrees were a lot lower. According to research study, it was developed as a system of caves, a path to underwater mountains. Nonetheless, by the end of the Ice Age, the ice thawed as well as the water level increased, flooding all passages.

Diving into the Great Blue Hole

Today, the Great Blue Hole is a significant diving website specifically for the much more bold and advanced specialist scuba divers. It’s a should when in Ambergris Caye and it’s not tough to attract tourists as a result of its enigma. It needs higher diving skills for those that intend to get deep into the hole as it’s more difficult to maneuver near the base. Recreational scuba divers are additionally thanks for visiting go with shallow diving.

“I have actually been staying in San Pedro a long time and also the Great Blue Hole was one that truly obtained my interest. When our guests at Acquafino ask me just what the rave is everything about, they ‘d end up getting a tour package for the following day as well as in their diving gear they go,” claimed Daniel Hartin, director of Sandy Point Real Estate. Acquafino Island Resort and also Spa is a beachfront property established by Sandy Point, situated in a prime location in San Pedro, the central industrial community in Ambergris Caye. It’s a preferred trip rental residence by visitors due to its closeness to a great deal of tourist destinations in Belize plus it’s one of the most effective extensive hotels in the Caribbean.

A full-day trip is advised if you intend to appreciate your visit. And the Great Blue Hole is not one to let down with the natural questions awaiting you undersea.

Stalactites as well as Stalagmites– There are developments of these in different shades, formed on the walls. They are Limestone rocks that eroded when ice melted near completion of the Ice Age. They get even more elaborate as you go deep into the hole.

Crystal Clear Waters– Like the turquoise waters that border it, the water in the hole is just as fantastic, allowing you to meet a number of undersea animals.

Marine Life– Both shallow- and also deep-divers delight in the different aquatic life inhabiting the sinkhole. You could discover Caribbean coral reef sharks, twelve o’clock at night parrotfish and also groupers, registered nurse sharks, turtles, shrimps, and many different sort of fish. If you obtain a little further, there’s a high opportunity you ‘d meet a hammerhead, a tiger shark or a bull shark.

Fishing Adventures on Ambergris Caye

Fishing on Ambergris Caye

Following time someone informs you to go fish, take the following flight to Belize as well as do just that!

Who recognizes you might simply catch your personal Grand Slam as well as would not intend to leave the island once more?

Belize is a sanctuary for every person that likes hanging out on water. As well as within Ambergris Caye is the village of San Pedro which is known to be the country’s fishing town. If you are to do sportfishing, (catch and also launch just), you will have to get a sportfishing license from the Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and also Institute. Alternatively, you could seek assistance from your resort or fishing overview. If you’ll go fishing from piers or from anchors, no permit is required. You do not even should bring your personal equipment as there are regional hardware stores that offer angling gears as well as bait.

” There’s no location in Belize I ‘d instead be compared to San Pedro. You’ll not run out of activities below plus it’s fantastic for all water tasks including sportfishing or fishing your personal meal,” states Daniel Hartin, director of Sandy Point Real Estate. San Pedro is the mall of Ambergris Caye where a lot of Sandy Point’s real estate properties for offshore investing are built. My friends, they’re at beachfront! A laid-back way of living in an exclusive resort in the Caribbean? Yes, that and extra in Belize!

Daniel better testifies, “In San Pedro, angling is a must-do. However on a day when you want to just exist about in your vacation home, you can still go fishing for sure. In Acquafino, one of our beachfront buildings, there’s an interior waterway system as well as it’s wonderful for capturing fish right there are your front steps!” Acquafino Island Resort and Spa was previously Mayan Islands Resort. Because the takeover by its brand-new administration, it has changed right into one of the very best complete hotels in the Caribbean.

Let’s see where you should go if you’re intending to take place a Caribbean holiday with great deals of sportfishing in mind

El Pescador
Located about 3km north of San Pedro, it’s taken into consideration one of the very best in Belize with virtually 20 seasoned angling guides. Prepare yourself to catch some tarpon, license, and also bonefish plus dishes, a watercraft, and angling guides to choose your bundle. It supplies a double tenancy space for BZ$ 3,550 per person for two days of angling.

Angling San Pedro
You choose either spin- or fly-fishing. A watercraft as well as fishing guides will be scheduled you according to your selection. You can spend half a day of apartments or reef angling for just BZ$ 450 for two individuals. A complete day is around BZ$ 650 for two. If you are a team with maximum of 6 people, you could rent out a 38-foot boat for BZ$ 1,300 for a full day of angling. Making it even better, you can have your beach barbecue precisely the boat with fish, hen, and also lobster (if in-season) for only BZ$ 100.

They advise this person …

Pete Graniel— He has a 38-ft boat called Reef Lady that can take you to a full day of angling and also trolling. He specializes in both deep-sea and also reef fishing.

Go Fish Belize
You can do both fly- and spin-fishing here for BZ$ 700 for as much as two individuals. You have a full day to go flats, coral reef or deep-sea fishing. Abbie Marin will set up all of these for you.

And also they claim this person’s one of the very best angling overviews in Belize …

George Bradley— Your only option below is fly-fishing as well as you’re in for some wonderful catch of bonefish. Here you will certainly be accompanied by George Bradley, a long-time neighborhood angling guide.

Cave Tubing through the Mayan Ruins of Belize

Cave Tubing

A World beneath the Surface

What really tells the culture and background of Belize?

Belize is known for its turquoise waters, unique aquatic life, and remarkable reefs. Yet below the surface area, there is globe that you would certainly assume only exists in desire. To this particular day, the marks that the ancient Mayas have actually left still release an air of mystery, long after they’re gone. Belize has been a considerable part of the Mayan society and also much of these proofs are found in the underground caves discovered in numerous areas in Belize.

A Portal to the Underworld

The Mayans thought that the caves are entrances into the underworld where gods that affected life and death, gods that regulated rainfall as well as land fertility, and even dark gods, all exist in this strange and sacred place. Here is where they carried out routine ceremonies and also offerings in order to please the gods to make sure that they provide just what they asked for.

Cave Tubing on Ambergris Caye

Today, tourists get in the underworld to have a glimpse of the old Mayan world.

” You ‘d think that tourists just go to San Pedro for the coastlines. Though that might be their key reason, cave tubes is acquiring popularity too, as a result of human’s natural disposition to understanding secrets,” Daniel Hartin, director of Sandy Point Real Estate stated. “Many of our guests at Acquafino have cave-tubing as part of their plans and you’ll not wonder why. They picked this vacation rental location due to the fact that it’s close to mostly all traveler locations on Ambergris Caye or even in whole of Belize,” he stated. Acquafino Island Resort and Spais among San Pedro’s ideal all-inclusive Caribbean resorts. It is a beachfront home ideal for tourists that are searching for a trip service, and also a personal deluxe resort suitable for international financiers searching for a trip or a retirement community under offshore investing.

Whatever is the reason for seeing Belize, one shouldn’t miss out on cave-tubing. Right here are the 5 most unbelievable give in Belize to load your itinerary with.

  1. Actun Loch Tunich Cave
    This is a lot more widely known as the Black Hole Drop. They claim that this is the mother of all collapse Belize. You will certainly be assisted by fully educated guides while you rappel to the bottom basin. The really lower is also dark from the beginning that you can not easily see it as you take your descent however the 200 feet decline will captivate you with amazing views. Exactly how do you get out? By climbing up, of course.J


  2. ActunTunichilMuknal Cave (ATM Cave).
    ActunTunichilMuknal implies “Cave of the Stone Sepulchre”. It is recognized to house numerous ceramics, ceramics, and also skeletons. One of the most popular skeletal proof located in the cave is the skeletal system of a teenage called “The Crystal Maiden”. The bones have actually been calcified giving it a crystallized surface area. Inside the cave, you have the opportunity to invest the day swimming, checking out, and climbing.


  3. Caves Branch.
    This is the lengthiest river of caves over 7 miles to the bottom. Visitors explore the below ground rivers by drifting on internal tubes while wearing a front lights. This lengthy stretch of river caves will have your jaws drop as you marvel at crystal stalagmites, stalactites, stone swimming pools, and Mayan artefacts.


  4. Rio Frio Cave.
    Found at the Mountain Pine Ridge, the Rio Frio Cave is a favorite by several visitors especially throughout summer season. It features well-preserved steps as well as tipping stones leadings visitors to the cave entrance. Here you will see big stalactites and also pools with cascading drops. Sunshine streams quickly via openings which illuminate the course so there is not much difficulty discovering the area, excellent for beginners.


  5. Chechem Hah Cave.
    From the entry, you will certainly be greeted by Mayan artifacts as well as art works. Anybody curious about archaeology will have a rewarding visit in this cave. There are many ladders causing chambers where antique storage containers are discovered.

15 Interesting Facts about Belize


A Tropical Country like No Other

Belize is a fairly young country. It’s an extensively preferred vacationer location amongst Westerners generally due to its tropical appeal. But there are many features of this captivating island that many people still do not know. If this is the very first time you’ll read about Belize, get ready to obtain surprised with lots of quirky and fascinating truths you will uncover today.

” My buddies back in Canada understood I was constantly looking at to move to an area near to the coastline. I searched online for the best countries to retire in and the list always included Belize. That’s when I obtained actually interested,” stated Daniel Hartin, proprietor and also supervisor of Sandy Point Real Estate. “I began collecting as much information as I could and the much more I know, the a lot more I became drawn in to construct a life here,” he said.

As if owning a beachfront building in Belize had not been sufficient for Daniel, Sandy Point even constructed a beachfront condo with its own dive pool. If you’re having a careless day yet still want to delight in some water activities, you could catch fish right outside your door actions through an interior waterway system. “Acquafino Island Resort as well as Spa is an exclusive deluxe hotel located at Ambergris Caye. I get a great deal of inquiries on this home from those planning to do offshore real estate investing or from travelers requiring a place for trip rental,” Daniel claimed.

15 Facts

  1. The main language in the island is English. It is the only English-speaking country in Latin America. However amongst the residents, Creole and also Spanish are still widely utilized.
  2. Before 1973, Belize was formerly known British Honduras. Nevertheless, complete self-reliance was just obtained in 1981.
  3. Its big deportee area is a testimony of just how the locals are tolerant with the existence of foreign nationals. In fact, they all get along truly well.
  4. Forex is repaired at BZD2 to USD1. US dollars (other than coins) are an accepted money among regional vendors.
  5. It is home to Belize Barrier Reef, the 2nd biggest on the planet next to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. That’s what makes it a first-rate diving location.
  6. Belizeans don’t swim on Good Friday since a superstition claims that the ones who do will certainly develop into a mermaid.
  7. Love fastfood? Oh, sorry to disappoint you. There are no fastfood chains in Belize. No McDonald’s, Burger King or Starbucks. Simply fresh produce grown up locally. Hmm, okay for your overall wellness, typically aren’t they?
  8. Belize is the only country in the world with a Jaguar get called Cockscomb Basin Wildlife refuge.
  9. Ambergris Caye is the largest island in Belize and the most established. San Pedro is its commercial center.
  10. In numerous non-tropical countries, lobsters are really costly. In Belize, you could get it at an affordable cost fresh off the seas. It’s an usual and prominent food in Belize.
  11. There are 500+ bird species in Belize, 200+ of them are located on Ambergris Caye.
  12. You can swim with registered nurse sharks and also sting rays and even have a photo-op with them. They’re pretty harmless!
  13. Belize is the heart of the Mayan society. Most visitor activities include visiting the underground ruins of the Mayan world.
  14. The Great Blue Hole, an environmental sensation, is a sinkhole situated 43 miles off Belize City. It lies near the center of the Lighthouse Reef, a small atoll near San Pedro.
  15. Madonna’s tune La Isla Bonita describes San Pedro, a village on Ambergris Caye. The song was a homage to Latin American people.

The 5 Best Belizean Dishes


Set your Taste Buds and find out why Belizean Cuisine a has to pursue all

A Caribbean holiday usually involves diving, trekking the Mayan damages, and also bird-watching. Yet a trip would not be total without placing your weight-loss regimens behind you and just let your taste delight in the special dishes you’ll just ever before consume if you’re in among these Caribbean nations. And if you’re in Belize, you’re in for the most delicious food deals with in your life.

” Fish are abundant in Belize Every little thing is captured and also prepared fresh. Meats are likewise fresh and yummy. There are no fastfood chains in Belize so I reach eat fresh fruit and vegetables everyday,” claimed Daniel Hartin, proprietor as well as supervisor of Sandy Point Real Estate. “At Acquafino, we offer regional meals with a very fine presentation, like you’re in a 5-star resort. Always offering the best of the Caribbean to our guests and also condo proprietors,” he stated.

Aquafino Island Resort and Spa is just one of the premier condominiums under Sandy Point Real Estate. It’s the excellent holiday rental for travelers and also a fantastic choice for those seeking a retirement home because it has very easy accessibility to all vacationer locations on Ambergris Caye. “Offshore property investing has been sought-after in recent years as well as many Westerners are searching for residential or commercial properties in Belize since they could get a beachfront home here with an inexpensive of living. Their budget plan on food was cut down to listed below fifty percent of just what they used to invest in their house nation!” Daniel said.

To contribute to the many reasons that travelers as well as financiers swarm to Belize.

Here are 5 of the very best Belizean meals you must try when you’re on the island.

  1. Belize Rice and also Beans
    It’s the staple of Belizean food, a recipe that originated as early as the start of the Mayan settlement. This creole recipe has a choice of pork, poultry, beef, lobster or shrimp. The rice is cooked with coconut milk and also preferred for its wonderful flavor.


  2. Ceviche
    There is absolutely nothing like a Caribbean ceviche enlivened with their renowned Habanero pepper. This is just the perfect recipe for seafood enthusiasts. The seafood is diced with a choice to high it in lime for a couple of hrs or to function as fresh fillet in sushi-style, tossed with chopped tomatoes, cucumber, and onions with cilantro, black pepper, and Habanero!


  3. CochinitaPibil
    Ah, for the love of roasted pork! This is one more standard Mayan meal. The meat is marinaded in a mix of sour orange juice taste as well as a neighborhood seasoning called annatto seed paste with garlic as well as onion. They cover it in plantain leaves before getting it slow-cooked ’til gold brownish and also tender!


  4. Tamales
    This is a typical Mayan and also Mestizo food. Chicken or pork together with beans and environment-friendly peas are covered in squares of cornmeal. After they are steamed, the cornmeal is pushed making it velvety to provide a melt-in-your-mouth goodness.


  5. Steam Up
    This nationwide dish is called Boil Up for a good factor. It includes whatever boiled: fish, egg, and also vegetables. Even the bread dumpling is made from steamed dough. It obtained popularity as a result of its nutritional worth besides its tasty taste.

Enjoy the Hammock Life at San Pedro Private Resorts

San Pedro Private Resorts

Experience the best time of your life in Paradise…here at San Pedro!

As if you should be informed that this is the life awaiting you when you step on the penalty, white sands of the Belizean coasts. No tee shirt? No shoes? No problem!

There are two important things in your mind would immediately associate with a hammock. Coastline and leisure. Belize is currently among one of the most favored visitor destinations and also retirement places for numerous Westerners. Coming from the Western globe, the hammock life is such a breath of fresh air. It’s a lot more appealing because, in Belize, they could own a condo with a sight of the ocean at an affordable price.

Daniel Hartin isn’t amazed whatsoever. He has Sandy Point Real Estate in Ambergris Caye and has actually currently closed a number of bargains with real estate investors. Bulk of them opted to obtain a home in the town of San Pedro located southern of Ambergris Caye. It is currently being called the fusion of both Latin American as well as Western society because of its expanding variety of deportees area.

At San Pedro, there are vast choices of property residential or commercial properties one can acquire at various rate variety. For those who had actually like a real 5-star experience, I have Acquafino Island Resort as well as Spa on top of mind. I obtained a chance to visit this property as well as I was utterly amazed with its features. Besides having its very own plunge swimming pool, it has a man-made totally equipped inner waterway system where you could catch fish ideal outside your front actions.

With a combination of luxury and also hammock lifestyle at a prime location in Ambergris Caye, you ‘d believe absolutely nothing else could be far better compared to that … until I tell you these

5 reasons why Westerners head to Belize to build their dream vacation or retirement home.

  1. Reduced Taxes
    Real estate tax in Belize is reasonably reduced compared to various other nations. You can even deduct the costs you sustained from looking for and also getting overseas financial investment. International firms are excused from earnings and also rewards tax. Senior citizens aged 45 as well as above are also exempt from paying tax obligations on earnings produced both in your area as well as abroad (such as pension).


  2. A Haven for Water Sports Enthusiasts
    There’s the Belize Barrier Reef, the 2nd largest get system in the world, extending 300-km long, perfect for scuba divers and snorkelers. There’s Shark Ray Alley taking you to a meet-and-greet with rays and sharks. And the Great Blue Hole at Lighthouse Reef … such a first-rate tourist destination that goes 354-feet deep. You’re never gon na run out of things to do in the waters!


  3. True-Blue Caribbean Experience
    In Belize, you’ll not discover global food franchises and also electrical outlets people apparel shops. Clothing as well as handicrafts are locally-made and food are prepared from fresh fruit and vegetables offering you an authentic Caribbean experience.


  4. Caribbean-Style Nightlife
    You do not assume the area is as well secluded to also have a social life, do you? Ha! Night life in San Pedro is busy with neighborhood beers, pleasant faces, as well as activities that hop on ’til the early morning hrs.


  5. Shorts as well as Sandals Weather
    Sure, you can go barefoot in the sand but, unless you are going to function, you can walk the town using shorts and shoes. It has a laid-back way of living with modern facilities. You would certainly get up in the morning to a sight of the coastline with coffee in hand or bike along the narrow roads where souvenir shops are aligned. If this isn’t really life then I do not know what it is!
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