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The 5 Big Jungle Cats of Belize

By dougcrowe / October 24, 2016

Felines are King, they can be almost everywhere, make way for them here in Belize! While it’s typical for most people to find themselves seeing a cat video clip mainly to kill time, it’s not a very popular knowledge that you’ll find not just “cats” however 5 big cats roaming easily through the forests of […]


Caribbean Bird Watching on Ambergris Caye

By dougcrowe / October 23, 2016

Looking for numerous distinct Caribbean bird species? Look into Belize as well as take advantage! From the 500+ bird species situateding in the woodlands of Belize, over 200 of them are found in Amber Out of the 500+ bird varieties snuggling in the forests of Belize, over 200 of them are discovered in Ambergris Caye […]


Cave Tubing through the Mayan Ruins of Belize

By dougcrowe / October 20, 2016

A World beneath the Surface What really tells the culture and background of Belize? Belize is known for its turquoise waters, unique aquatic life, and remarkable reefs. Yet below the surface area, there is globe that you would certainly assume only exists in desire. To this particular day, the marks that the ancient Mayas have […]


15 Interesting Facts about Belize

By dougcrowe / October 19, 2016

A Tropical Country like No Other Belize is a fairly young country. It’s an extensively preferred vacationer location amongst Westerners generally due to its tropical appeal. But there are many features of this captivating island that many people still do not know. If this is the very first time you’ll read about Belize, get ready […]


The 5 Best Belizean Dishes

By dougcrowe / October 18, 2016

Set your Taste Buds and find out why Belizean Cuisine a has to pursue all A Caribbean holiday usually involves diving, trekking the Mayan damages, and also bird-watching. Yet a trip would not be total without placing your weight-loss regimens behind you and just let your taste delight in the special dishes you’ll just ever […]


Enjoy the Hammock Life at San Pedro Private Resorts

By dougcrowe / October 17, 2016

Experience the best time of your life in Paradise…here at San Pedro! As if you should be informed that this is the life awaiting you when you step on the penalty, white sands of the Belizean coasts. No tee shirt? No shoes? No problem! There are two important things in your mind would immediately associate […]


Belize Pride: Simone Biles

By dougcrowe / October 15, 2016

Belize in the Olympics As a country, Belize isn’t making large waves throughout this year’s Olympics kept in Rio. The little nation has only 3 athletes contending and also has yet to medal in any way because its inclusion in 1968. Nonetheless, one powerhouse athlete who attributes the island as her “2nd house” is making […]


Largest Mayan Tomb Discovered

By dougcrowe / October 14, 2016

Belize Mystery and Adventure Much like a scene right out of Indiana Jones, an expedition into the forest has actually stumbled upon a long lost old tomb of substantial worth (minus the golden idol as well as harmful traps to match). At the historical site 80 miles from Belize City called Xunatunich is thought to […]


Madonna’s La Isla Bonita is Your Finest Offshore Financial investment

By dougcrowe / October 13, 2016

Have you ever before questioned where you intend to invest your trip, why not try Belize? Madonna loved San Pedro. And also like most tracks we pay attention to, we wonder whether the inspiration was from the real world or simply a result of imaginative creative imagination. Remarkably, San Pedro is a real-life community in […]


Why Ambergris Caye Has the very best All Inclusive Resorts in Belize

By dougcrowe / October 12, 2016

Imagining a Caribbean vacation? Ambergris Caye need to be your leading choice! I’ll inform you why momentarily … When we come across the Caribbean, we imagine taking pleasure in some watermelon trembles while unwinding in a hammock, enjoying the immaculate coastlines radiance under the tropical sunlight, walking through fine, white sands, and diving deep into […]