Cave Tubing through the Mayan Ruins of Belize

By dougcrowe / October 20, 2016
Cave Tubing

A World beneath the Surface

What really tells the culture and background of Belize?

Belize is known for its turquoise waters, unique aquatic life, and remarkable reefs. Yet below the surface area, there is globe that you would certainly assume only exists in desire. To this particular day, the marks that the ancient Mayas have actually left still release an air of mystery, long after they’re gone. Belize has been a considerable part of the Mayan society and also much of these proofs are found in the underground caves discovered in numerous areas in Belize.

A Portal to the Underworld

The Mayans thought that the caves are entrances into the underworld where gods that affected life and death, gods that regulated rainfall as well as land fertility, and even dark gods, all exist in this strange and sacred place. Here is where they carried out routine ceremonies and also offerings in order to please the gods to make sure that they provide just what they asked for.

Cave Tubing on Ambergris Caye

Today, tourists get in the underworld to have a glimpse of the old Mayan world.

” You ‘d think that tourists just go to San Pedro for the coastlines. Though that might be their key reason, cave tubes is acquiring popularity too, as a result of human’s natural disposition to understanding secrets,” Daniel Hartin, director of Sandy Point Real Estate stated. “Many of our guests at Acquafino have cave-tubing as part of their plans and you’ll not wonder why. They picked this vacation rental location due to the fact that it’s close to mostly all traveler locations on Ambergris Caye or even in whole of Belize,” he stated. Acquafino Island Resort and Spais among San Pedro’s ideal all-inclusive Caribbean resorts. It is a beachfront home ideal for tourists that are searching for a trip service, and also a personal deluxe resort suitable for international financiers searching for a trip or a retirement community under offshore investing.

Whatever is the reason for seeing Belize, one shouldn’t miss out on cave-tubing. Right here are the 5 most unbelievable give in Belize to load your itinerary with.

  1. Actun Loch Tunich Cave
    This is a lot more widely known as the Black Hole Drop. They claim that this is the mother of all collapse Belize. You will certainly be assisted by fully educated guides while you rappel to the bottom basin. The really lower is also dark from the beginning that you can not easily see it as you take your descent however the 200 feet decline will captivate you with amazing views. Exactly how do you get out? By climbing up, of course.J


  2. ActunTunichilMuknal Cave (ATM Cave).
    ActunTunichilMuknal implies “Cave of the Stone Sepulchre”. It is recognized to house numerous ceramics, ceramics, and also skeletons. One of the most popular skeletal proof located in the cave is the skeletal system of a teenage called “The Crystal Maiden”. The bones have actually been calcified giving it a crystallized surface area. Inside the cave, you have the opportunity to invest the day swimming, checking out, and climbing.


  3. Caves Branch.
    This is the lengthiest river of caves over 7 miles to the bottom. Visitors explore the below ground rivers by drifting on internal tubes while wearing a front lights. This lengthy stretch of river caves will have your jaws drop as you marvel at crystal stalagmites, stalactites, stone swimming pools, and Mayan artefacts.


  4. Rio Frio Cave.
    Found at the Mountain Pine Ridge, the Rio Frio Cave is a favorite by several visitors especially throughout summer season. It features well-preserved steps as well as tipping stones leadings visitors to the cave entrance. Here you will see big stalactites and also pools with cascading drops. Sunshine streams quickly via openings which illuminate the course so there is not much difficulty discovering the area, excellent for beginners.


  5. Chechem Hah Cave.
    From the entry, you will certainly be greeted by Mayan artifacts as well as art works. Anybody curious about archaeology will have a rewarding visit in this cave. There are many ladders causing chambers where antique storage containers are discovered.
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