Diving and Snorkeling on Ambergris Caye

By dougcrowe / October 16, 2016
Diving and Snorkeling on Ambergris Caye

Experience Great Diving & Snorkeling Sites in Belize

Belize uses an excellent a selection of diving and snorkeling experiences. Amongst the most preferred locations lie near Ambergris Caye, the 2nd biggest island of Belize.

” As quickly as you land in Belize City, head out to Ambergris Caye, take a golf cart to San Pedro, and also clear up in among the best all comprehensive Caribbean hotels for the utmost Caribbean journey of your life,” said Daniel Hartin, proprietor of Sandy Point Real Estate. Inning accordance with him, the most effective vacation rentals in Belize are found in San Pedro as a result of its distance to diving and also snorkeling areas.

Belize is a paradise for all water sporting activities fanatics and also every person who appreciates water tasks because you will never lack reefs and also atolls to check out. As we get to it one at a time, visualize the gusty smell of salty winds as well as hear the sea waves collision to the coast. I’m certain you do by now.

Belize Barrier Reef

The reef extends 40km at an ordinary range from the coasts of Ambergris Caye. It’s the 2nd largest obstacle coral reef in the world, alongside the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. It has various coral reefs and atolls for both beginner and even more knowledgeable scuba divers.

Diving Sites at Belize Barrier Reef

Shark Ray Alley– How about a selfie with nurse sharks and sting rays? Yes, they’re not as camera shy as you believe and you could have an individual encounter with them at Shark Ray Alley. They are utilized to being fed by scuba divers as well as visitors that’s why this diving site has come to be the very best pet diving site in Belize.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve– This is a shallow aquatic reserve perfect for novices, simply 6km southeast of San Pedro. The reef wall surfaces are decorated with gorgonian sea followers as well as sponges. You could additionally have an outstanding sighting of crabs, turtles, morays, and also a number of institutions of little and also vibrant fish.

The Great Blue Hole at Lighthouse Reef– This geographical sensation is an attribute destination in Belize. It is a large sinkhole surrounded by turquoise sea water as well as situated in the facility of Lighthouse Reef. At 354ft deep, an extra seasoned and also qualified scuba diver can discover the amazing marine life, limestone formations, as well as a bizarre array of stalactites you will not find anywhere else.

Mexico Rocks– This is an additional superficial dive website ideal for newbies, just 1 mile west of Acquafino Island Resort and Spa. “I always recommend Acquafino, being just one of the very best all-encompassing resorts in the Caribbean with its 5-star service. It’s a prime spot ideal for scuba divers due to the fact that it’s situated extremely near to nearly all diving sites in Ambergris Caye,” states Daniel Hartin. With minimal existing, digital photographers group to this coral reef due to its clear, azure waters and wealth of fantastic aquatic life such as four-eye butterfly fish, Horse-eye jacks, Barracuda, etc

. Tres Cocos– It exists 3km north of San Pedro as well as goes 115feet deep. Beginners can still discover the site at 50km and also still uncover undersea marvels. For expert divers, they could go 115ft and take pleasure in even more exotic marine life such as spotted eagle rays, Atlantic spadefish, spiny lobsters, and also Great Barracuda.

Punta Arenas– Known for its slim, snaking passage that extends 25m, it is the home of gigantic jawfish, place manta, and also big institutions of Horse-eye jacks. Diving below is quite harmful as well as advised just for professional as well as qualified divers.

Tackle Box Canyons– It’s remarkable topography draws in many undersea professional photographers. The shallow locations of the site have reefs and also creatures that take off with life as well as color. Passages, caverns, and also canyons can be discovered in the further areas. It is home to crawler crabs, moray eels, lobsters, lustrous sweepers, parrotfish, angelfish, and also a lot of other terrific aquatic life.

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