The 5 Big Jungle Cats of Belize

By dougcrowe / October 24, 2016

Felines are King, they can be almost everywhere, make way for them here in Belize!

While it’s typical for most people to find themselves seeing a cat video clip mainly to kill time, it’s not a very popular knowledge that you’ll find not just “cats” however 5 big cats roaming easily through the forests of Belize.

” I always find brand-new info concerning Belize despite the fact that I’ve invested a lot time below. I’ve constantly known about the Jaguars however to understand that there are still 4 others … wow,” states Scott. When Scott acquired a piece of the island to build Mayan Island Resort, he’s certain of just 3 things. He chose to invest in Belize due to low taxes, a wonderful possibility for economic growth mostly coming from tourist, and also the easygoing life while staying at a beachfront home.

Mayan Island Resort is currently called Acquafino Island Resort. It’s currently taken care of by Daniel Hartin under his business, Sandy Point Real Estate. They saw substantial potential in the residential or commercial property which is currently being eyed by numerous Western investors and retired people as a terrific option for offshore real estate investing. Celeb travelers also like the location for getaway service, identifying it as one of the best extensive Caribbean hotels on Ambergris Caye.

” Their first destinations are the beaches, the diving websites, and also the caves. But once they have a word with some locals who advise hiking the forests to see the wild cats of Belize, they ‘d load their equipment and also go on a walk the really following day,” stated Scott.

Below are the 5 big cats that you can see in the forests of Belize.



It is the most prominent big cat in Belize (as well as by the way the name of their national football team). Old Mayans offered remarkable regard to Jaguars whom they called baalam which indicates King. Many of their statuaries were carved photos of a Jaguar, a symbol of Mayan nobility. These cats are nocturnal as well as can be seldom seen during the daytime. To protect this famous pet, Belize has founded Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the initial and also just Jaguar protect in the world.

Mountain Lion


The Mountain Lion is understood for several names– Puma concolor, cougar, panther, as well as catamount. It does not roar like lions do however is more very closely related to tamed home felines. They are the largest felines in Central America with weight reaching up to 200 pounds. These cats are solitary as well as evasive, but go where there is a deer as well as you will certainly for certain see a Mountain Lion. It is their preferred food.



Sightings of these lovely felines prevail considering that they such as searching day and night. Mexicans and also Aztecs called them Ocelotl from which its present name was obtained. It implies field tiger. In Belize, it is called tiger pet cat yet dwarf leopard in other places. It nearly ended up being extinct due to its attractive pelt. But searching for Ocelots has actually been limited in Belize so you’ll most definitely see one when you travel the Belizean jungles.



As a result of its long tail, it’s additionally nicknamed Long Tail Spotted Cat. It’s currently “Near Threatened” so Belize quit the searching of these felines. They are completed and also proficient climbers having special claws and ankle joints that allow them to make a 180-degree turn and leap from tree to tree like a monkey. Well, that’s since they quest apes, their preferred food. They are a little bit tough to spot throughout the day as they are nocturnal like Jaguars.



They are authentically a neighborhood pet cat. They are presumed to mate with residence cats that make a few of them look comparable with Jaguarundi. They are smaller compared to jaguars as well as have an extended body without markings. In the evening, they are seekers. During the day, they are seen crowding around sprinkling locations.

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